Disney regains rights to Daredevil and fans start to speculate about his future in Marvel movies

First was the purchase of Fox, and with it, the subsequent return of mutants and Fantastic Four to the lap of Disney. Then, the corroboration of the good relations between Sony and the rightful owner of the rights to Spider-Man, which allows the character to appear in the MCU films in addition to his own Spider-verse films. And now, the rights of the Marvel characters continue to return to Disney with the end of the two-year period in which Netflix retained the character of Daredevil.

Now Disney can do whatever it wants with it, whatever in the absence of a disclosure of future plans by the company, it opens a range of options which fans are already guessing at. One of them, of course, is the continuation of the Netflix series that was interrupted after three seasons, perhaps on Disney +. Another is the appearance of the character played by Charlie Cox in the MCU films: his appearance in the next Spider-Man movie would be especially fitting, considering that in the comics both heroes have met on numerous occasions.

Vincent D’Onofrio has supported Cox’s return to character, in whatever format, and Twitter is already generating its usual noise, turning the actor into trending topic. The most interesting, without a doubt, is that in a short time the rest of the characters with whom Netflix made series will succeed Daredevil: Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Alias, Punisher and others, encompassed in the more urban and realistic side of Marvel, under a vague common denomination that are the Marvel Knights, or this street incarnation of the Defenders (a group that has lived multiple versions).

It stands to reason that fans are excited about the idea of ​​all of these characters, starting with Daredevil, returning to the MCU: The Blind Lawyer has never been an absolute best-seller of the house, compared to Avengers, Mutants or Spider-Man, but some of the classic comics of the genre are carried out by him or by characters from his environment, like Elektra. It is a unique opportunity for Disney to expand its cosmos beyond the rigorous cosmic-scale adventures, and find different tones, styles, aesthetics and characters that do justice to the wide variety that has always characterized the publisher.

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